• skating between sixth and tenth


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    Sometimes when we create jewelry, it is a very "stream of consciousness" process. Other times it is a much more deliberate act. The latter is the case with "skating between sixth and tenth." I knew from the outset every minute detail I wanted to include in this piece. The structure is a leather, studded, and has cascades of silver tassels. In the center is a vintage lighter (in the form of a hand gun,) and crowned with an antique doll head. Building up each side are so many elements. Some that I would rather you discover on your own, but the obvious ones are safety deposit box keys, white lava, black polished agate, antique crystal dress buttons and a whole host of pearls and beads. 

    Custom box included.

    Length : 18" (minimally adjustable)

    Clasp : Lobster claw